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uridan_logo_300x100Uridan waterless urinals - A stylish addition delivering ‘green’ amenities

Architects and interior designers are always seeking innovative products to improve the design and functionality of bathrooms, and at the same time looking for that essential “Wow Factor”.

Uridan waterless urinals are one of those eye catching, stylish products that will lift the appearance of any bathroom while also delivering significant water savings.

Uridan has been available in Australia since 2003 and the Uridan range is widely specified for commercial office buildings, sports facilities, shopping centres, schools, colleges, clubs, bars, and restaurants.

And while a row of Uridan urinals can be striking, it is important to note that the water savings per unit amount to approximately 60,000 litres per annum. This means a row of urinals as shown below will be responsible for water savings of over 360kL’s – the equivalent of $1,296 in water and waste water savings per year.

Uridian Marketing

Recently, one commercial office tower installed 108 Uridan Admirals waterless urinals with 96 Spinnaker privacy screens for added privacy and comfort for users.

Uridan products are available in a range of standard colours including white, stone grey, granite, stone nero and a stunning jet black colour. For larger orders urinals can be manufactured in special colours to suit specific customer requirements.

In summary, Uridan delivers stylish amenities with

  • Considerable reductions in water consumption
  • Associated energy savings
  • Lower Cost of purchase and installation (compared to flushing urinals)
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Environmental Benefits

Add to this the good corporate image that comes with the selection of environmental solutions and the overall asset value increase achieved through ‘greener’ buildings.

For more information, please contact Margrethe Ingemann, Marketing Manager, Watersave Australia info@watersave.com.au                             www.uridanaustralia.com.au                                       Tel: 02 9986 2700

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