Subscribers’ Testimonials

footer-logo"Arenkay Designs have been a member of Design Content since inception and are proud to be a continuing member. We have watched Design Content develop and grow, delivering an expanding Australian and Local Library, which we access regularly.

Arenkay Designs is focused on delivering a quality product to our customers and are delighted to have an association with Design Content in achieving our company goals. The team at Design Content is very approachable and have shown a commitment to the development of new product components required by building designers."

Arenkay Building Designs


"ASV Design & Drafting have been subscribing to Design Content for the past 3 years. We have experienced a high level of customer satisfaction and service especially from Chennell Edie. Having access to a library of well built Revit content has saved us a lot of time and money.

I would recommend the Design Content library to anyone who is using Revit software."

Adam Vincze
Architectural Design Consultant


logo"Cundall Consulting Engineers have been subscribing to Design Content for the past 2 years.

We have used Design Content on a number of projects and found that having the ability to download and use the Revit families on these projects has saved us time and effort. The interface is easy to use and you can build up your own library of Revit content to use time and time again on projects.

Design Content as the ability to grow with more manufacturers/suppliers seeing the benefits in providing Revit content for future use.

Chennell Edie has been very helpful on any enquiries relating to Design Content and is always prompt in answering questions.

I would recommend Design Content for anyone who uses Revit and hope that more manufacturers/suppliers join this site."

David Howarth
CAD Manager


lucid"Lucid Consulting Engineers subscribed to Design Content for several reasons, including:

  • An ever growing library of REVIT families available for quick download
  • Not having to undertake the often difficult and time consuming task of family creation
  • Content provided by the manufacturers
  • Free REVIT tools
  • Useful tips, tricks and training videos.

Good service and friendly staff made our REVIT beginnings a whole lot easier. We give Design Content the thumbs up for the many benefits gained by subscribing."

Lucid Consulting Engineers