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Designers in the building and construction industry are seeking the latest technological advances to meet ever-increasing client demands, legislative requirements and competitive pressures.

This has driven them to re-tool and equip themselves with design software that enables them to increase efficiency and deliver more to their clients, all while remaining competitive. As a result, what a designer needs from a building product supplier has changed, and presents you with a unique and exciting opportunity…

If you supply a designer a PDF or even AutoCAD file of your product, the designer still has to convert this into the format they need. However, if a supplier were to offer them the product information in exactly the format and characteristics they need, they will favour using that supplier’s product in their project model, due to the time and effort saved.

Why does a designer want your product in Revit/BIM format?

  • It saves many hours of modelling and drafting time.
  • Having access to your product information embedded in Revit saves them time and effort searching in catalogues etc.
  • The product information can be instantly scheduled in Revit.
  • By using a Revit file from Design Content, the designer can be confident it is checked by the supplier and is a real product that can be specified, not just a generic object.

Why place your products in the Design Content library?

  • Client base: as a department of A2K Technologies we have the customer base to market the availability of your product files.
  • A2K Technologies have been providing Autodesk software since 1986, training over 400 people a month and rated by Autodesk as their third largest partner globally out of 1700 partners
  • There are approximately 2,500 subscribers to the Design Content website and growing…over the last 6 months there was an average of 89 new subscribers a month
  • There are 20,000 product downloads from Design Content each month
  • Reports are provided to you from our website, detailing who has downloaded your products
  • We are best placed to develop your products in Revit. As the suppliers of Revit, we understand Revit what user expectations are, as we work with them every day.
  • We perform Quality Assurance involving the supplier
  • We develop to industry standards such as ANZRS
  • Design Content update your files to new software versions, as released each year

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