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Below are a few helpful tips on how to search the library to find what you need, and also the options available in the downloading process.


Use the search tools, product categories or manufacturers' lists to find the products you want for your project.

Adding to your cart and downloading

You can either download each file individually, or add your selected files to your download cart. Adding products to your cart lets you download the files in one action, and gives you the option to save your cart for later on.

You can add as many products to your cart as you like.

To view your download cart, click on the ‘My Cart’ link in the top right-hand corner of the site.

Your cart shows all of your saved products.

You can choose which file types and versions to download by selecting the individual check-boxes for each file type revision, or you can toggle each revision on and off by using the ‘Select/De-Select all’ check-boxes at the bottom of the cart.

You can choose to either save the cart in your history by clicking ‘Save Cart and Download’, or you can download the files and not save the cart to your history.

If you save the cart you can give it a name to recognise later. This could be anything from a date reference, to the project's name, or any simple name that will help you remember it.

Your previously saved carts can be found under ‘My Account’ in ‘My Download History’. All of your saved carts are stored here, which you can access to re-download the same files again at any time, as many times as you require.