Steel & Tube

Steel & Tube is New Zealand’s leading provider of steel solutions and a proud New Zealand company with over 60 years of trading history in this country. With a national network of branches and distribution centres, S&T engages in markets and projects across infrastructure, construction (commercial and residential), heavy and light engineering, energy, manufacturing, viticulture and rural sectors.

The company distributes and manufactures steel products – from nuts, bolts, nails, piping, roofing and farm fencing, to the largest structural steel products used in commercial construction, such as purlins, girts, joists, universal beams and seismic mesh.

Walls : Profiled Metal Sheeting (9 products)

Detail Items : Profiled Metal Sheeting (19 products)

Roof : Profiled Metal Sheeting (20 products)

Structural : Columns (18 products)

Structural : Beams (18 products)

Structural : Composite Floor Decking (8 products)

Structural : Top Hats (2 products)

Structural : Purlins (9 products)

Structural : Fasteners (3 products)

Standard Details : Profiled Metal Sheeting (29 products)