Astron 70l Flushline Tub

Available in three sizes the Astron Flushline Laundry Tub range prides itself on cutting-edge design featuring a stylish square tub with a small corner radius. The range is ideal for those unconcealed ares in your home that demand exceptional functionality without compromising on style


  • Stainless Steel

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About GWA – Clark

Since 1941 Clark have worked hard to make Australian kitchens and laundries more appealing and more functional areas of your home.

Clark products cater to your busy life like no other. Our kitchen sinks boast smooth, clean lines, clever design features and a choice of smart accessories to help make food preparation and cleaning up easier. Whatever your needs, kitchen size or style, you'll find the perfect sink for your home.

Our wide range of laundry tubs are tough, rust and stain resistant and designed to handle whatever washing you throw into them. Clark laundry tubs provide plenty of storage space and are built to last thanks to their durable rust proof Permacoat® steel construction. It's the perfect solution for a functional and tidy laundry regardless of its size.