ATMS718-350 Lockable stainless steel cabinet

Aquablend 1500 Thermostatic Mixing Valve in 350 X 350 stainless steel cabinet with straight-through cold water bypass


  • Stainless Steel

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About Enware

Enware was first established 80 years ago manufacturing laboratory fittings and eye-wash fountains to fill a market niche. Today they continue to build on their manufacturing strength and have adopted an innovative approach to product development which has lead to a diverse product offering for sectors – including Hospital & Health, Aged Care, Mining Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Education, Public Amenities and High Scale Residential.

For hospitals and health they supply hand hygiene compliant wash stations for clinical staff and patients. In the background, infrastructure plumbing can be constantly monitored and managed to ensure optimum water health and control water temperatures to prevent scalding.

In schools, kids can drink water from an Enware bubbler, use junior-sized toilets and easy to turn taps to wash their hands. During the later learning years, certified equipment for the school laboratory allows them to explore the wonderful world of science.

While you are out, their public amenity products can be installed in convenient locations – including beaches, parks, sports stadiums and airports, allowing you to wash your hands or use the loo.

During the later years Enware can provide adaptable bathroom and living systems for ease of use and accessibility to either support ‘Ageing in Place’ to enable independent living and also to support the needs of aged care living environments.

Enware continues to support people, adapting smart technology to help provide safe water, conserve water and distribute water where and when it is required.

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