Basic Wall – MetecnoInspire

Inspire® is an architectural façade wall system delivering a high end appearance with a pallete of inspiring colours and attractive surface profiles. Inspire® architectural panels are available in thicknesses 50mm, 80mm and 100mm providing excellent thermal performance and custom lengths up to 16m.

Inspire® has a unique hidden-fix system concealing fasteners from sight, creating a flush and aesthetically pleasing finish for use in a variety of applications including external façades, internal walling and partition walls.


*In addition to the Project File containing all MetecnoInspire basic wall types, this download also includes 2D detail items for all 3 panel thicknesses (both single panels and multiple panels as line based detail item). It also includes 3 x Division Profiles for a more accurate representation of interlocking panel joins when using the Create Parts tool.



About Bondor

Bondor is Australia’s leading manufacturer of insulated building panels. Founded in the 1950s, Bondor is constantly working on solutions for industrial, commercial and residential building customers across Australia and offers the most comprehensive range of insulated panel products and systems available. Bondor has technical and support associations with several international building product suppliers, universities and research facilities in Australia. These associations include Bluescope Steel, Dulux, Branz, and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Bondor is also a supporting corporate partner of the Australian Institute of Architects, further strengthening its ties to Australia’s design community. These relationships assist Bondor in remaining at the cutting edge of trends in product development, and to retain its industry leader status in construction techniques.

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