Colori Coloured Concrete – NT

Boral's large range of coloured concretes incorporates all the colours of nature. Our coloured concrete contains a colour enhancer to provide brighter, more durable colours.
Driveways, pool surrounds, landscaping, pathways, outdoor entertainment areas, parks & gardens, subdivision footpaths, community areas.
Who would have thought that your driveway could become as rich and red as your glass of aged 'Shiraz' or the warm brown tones of a mushroom could inspire your outdoor entertaining area...we did!
Colori, our new brand for our coloured concrete is actually Italian for "colour". We were so impressed with the natural earthy tones coming out of Italy's fashion trends that we decided to follow their lead.
Colori coloured concrete offers you a wide range of colours to choose from allowing you to create an entertaining area that defines, an eye catching driveway or a path that impresses.
The rich and earthy colours allow you to create your own private sanctuary to complement the surrounding environment of your home.
Turn your pool area into a light sandy oasis or your gardens into rainforest retreats.
Incorporate into the design some crisp straight lines and create a stylish yet simple entertaining area.
Colori allows the normal to become the bold and the practical to become the expressive.
The distinctively earthy colours withstand fading while the surfacing options offer a smooth soft feel through to an aggressive durable tread.
Colori allows you to spend less time cleaning and more time entertaining...


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