Uridan Crew waterless trough urinal

The robust Uridan Crew is increasingly specified for high traffic commercial amenities (including football stadiums, sporting venues, entertainment centres, caravan parks, cinemas, factories, warehouses, schools and demountable buildings). The Uridan Crew is the only waterless trough on the Australian market and as such the product delivers unprecedented water savings in high traffic amenities.

The simple shape and smooth, rimless surfaces make the urinal easy to maintain, delivering a high level of hygiene in amenities.

The resilient fibreglass material provides protection against vandalism and the extra-large waste trap makes this urinal particularly easy to maintain.

The Crew is available in fibreglass in 1200, 1800 and 2400mm lengths in the teal grey and the iron grey colours.


  • GR1200 - Width 1200mm (can be installed with a floor or a wall waste)
  • GR1800 -€“ Width 1800mm (can be installed with a floor or a wall waste)
  • GR2400 -€“ Width 2400mm (can be installed with a floor or a wall waste)

Material & Colours:

  • Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) - Iron Grey & Teal Grey


  • GRP

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About Uridan Waterless Solutions

Uridan Australia – a Division of SUMS Group

Uridan waterless urinals have been saving water and improving sustainability ratings in commercial buildings across Australia since 2003.

The Uridan brand is synonymous with simple Danish Design and innovative waterless urinal technology. The uridan collection delivers a unique range of waterless urinals engineered for

  • Simplicity
  • Performance
  • Water savings
  • improved environmental ratings

Uridan waterless solutions are distributed by SUMS Group – a n Australian sustainability business delivering water and energy savings every day.


The Uridan Collection

Uridan continues to focus on careful use of the world’s most valuable resource.

Today, there are over 20,000 uridan urinals installed in office towers, shopping centres, airports, schools and universities, pubs, clubs and sports facilities. Collectively uridan customers are responsible for savings megalitres of water every day.


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