Grate Seal Bucket Trap Complete GSBT

The Grate Seal Bucket Trap can be retro fitted through an existing grate, a fire collar can still operate and provide the required fire protection, the floor waste is not an integral part of the Bucket trap and is located below the grate in the drainage riser pipe, this allows any style drainage outlet to be utilised, including a trench grate. It is a frictional fit against the pipe wall, this allows easy removal for maintenance. The finished floor surface is not disturbed when installing. Grate Seal Bucket Trap is a Watermark approved product and very cost effective.


  • Glass Reinforced Polymer
  • Polyurethane

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About Grate Seal

Grate Seal prevents smelly drains, hazardous embarrassing odours, foaming suds, & vermin escaping from drains by creating an airtight barrier between the drain and the habitable area above. It is an innovative product that provides protection and improves hygiene in washrooms and has become an essential product for use in both new buildings and refurbishments.

The products were developed at the request of more than one of Sydney’s major developers that experienced problems with odours escaping from the drainage system.

Grate Seal is now used in projects ranging from the domestic home through to hospitals, apartment blocks, office blocks, sporting complexes, airports and a range of other commercial premises.

Grate Seal is a specially designed rubber one-way valve that is made from a complex blend of chemicals that inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes such as “Golden Staph” and “E. Coli”.

Grate Seal is made from one piece and is a self cleansing design.
Australian Made