Mechanical-T® Outlet Style 920 920N, IPS

• Provides a direct branch connection at any location where a hole can be cut in the pipe
• Available as a tee or cross outlet with female threaded or grooved ends
• Sizes from DN50 – DN300
• Pressures up to 3447 kPa
• Download product submittal for coating options; standard thread options


  • Carbon Steel

About Victaulic

Victaulic, the world leader in grooved and plain-end mechanical pipe joining systems, was founded in New York City in 1925 to market a radical new concept in the piping industry — a mechanical bolted coupling that would engage into grooves and feature a gasket seal.

The concept of joining pipe with bolted mechanical couplings originated during World War I for rapid deployment of fuel and water to Allied forces. The company that worked closely with the War Department of England to develop this new method of joining pipe was named Victory Pipe Joint Company after the coupling it had engineered — known as the "victory joint" from early military uses. Later, combining the words "Victory" and "Hydraulics" the name was shortened to Victaulic, and the company began to shift its focus to the commercial piping industry and market its new innovative method of joining pipe.

For more than 80 years, the company's enthusiasm for crafting unconventional solutions has allowed it to forge new paths as it tackles the industry's most unique challenges.