QLD Escura Standard Series

Characterised by clean edges, sharp lines, consistent colours and refined textures, Escura is a premium brick range for contemporary appeal. Escura Dry Pressed is one of four sub-ranges in this group, the other three being Smooth Face, Velour and Pressed.

  1. Escura Smooth Brown
  2. Escura Smooth Choc Tan
  3. Escura Smooth Cinnamon
  4. Escura Smooth Cream
  5. Escura Smooth Jute
  6. Escura Smooth Luna Grey
  7. Escura Smooth Nevada Cream
  8. Escura Smooth Pearl Grey
  9. Escura Smooth Red
  10. Escura Smooth Sahara Cream
  11. Escura Smooth Terracotta
  12. Escura Velour Brown
  13. Escura Velour ChocTan
  14. Escura Velour Cream
  15. Escura Velour Mineral
  16. Escura Velour Pearl Grey
  17. Escura Velour Red
  18. Escura Velour Terracotta
  19. Escura Velour Volcanic


  • Brick

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