Queenslander Quad®

Stramit Queenslander Quad® Gutter is a new yet classical style gutter with recessed chevron slots for medium domestic and commercial applications.

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About Stramit

Business Overview
Stramit Building Products is a major Australian manufacturer of roll-formed steel building products, including roof and wall cladding, guttering, fascia, purlins, flooring and structural formwork.

These products, along with complementary products and services, are delivered through a nationwide network of manufacturing and distribution centres, strategically located to ensure coverage of major metropolitan and regional markets.

Stramit's Vision
Stramit Building Products’ vision is to become the leading building products and steel solutions business across Australia.  This goal is driven by shared values, focused on customer service, and aimed at creating a safe and fulfilling working environment for all employees.

The four key values driving the Stramit are:

Be Bold
Play Fair
Better Every Day
Customer Leading

Strong History
Stramit grew from a merger in 1988 of KH Stramit and Amatek Metal Building Products (formerly Monier). Both groups had also grown by acquisition and expansion, with some of the member companies dating back to the 19th century.

The history and longevity of the Stramit brand is an important value-added component of Stramit products. Customers have the reassurance that the products they purchase are backed by many years of proven performance.

Why use Stramit?
Stramit Building Products’ reputation is built on quality, reliability and customer service.  The performance of Stramit® products is backed by research and development at the company’s R&D facilities, where in-house product testing is carried out on an ongoing basis.

A nationwide network of manufacturing and distribution centres ensures that Stramit® products can be ordered with confidence, regardless of the size or location of the building project.