Regular Concealed Fit Window

Crimsafe Regular is our original range, using 0.9mm Tensile-Tuff® stainless steel security mesh and Screw-Clamp™ technology.

When tested, Crimsafe screens stood up not just against an Australian Standard of 5 x 100 joule impact – but against singular impact levels reaching 550 Joules.

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About Crimsafe

Crimsafe is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system that combines 3 essential elements to give it superior impact resistance.

Crimsafe's patented Screw-Clamp™ technology has teeth precisely matching the profile of the mesh which locks it deep into the frame. The Screw-Clamp and hook feature spread the impact throughout the frame to withstand powerful attacks, making it virtually impossible to separate the frame from the mesh.

Crimsafe uses Tensile-Tuff® mesh made from 0.9mm diameter 304 Structural Grade hi-tensile woven stainless steel which has a 26.5% thicker cross section - an all-round stronger mesh than available alternatives.

Tamper resistant screws are driven through the mesh and into the frame for even greater security.

For facts on WERS Rating, AS3959—2009, AS1170.2 – 2011, AS 1170.2—2011, AS 1170.2—2011 visit the Crimsafe website.