Rheem HS Series (Solar Heating Package)

The HS Series is a solar water heating package intended for use in commercial or industrial applications. It can be integrated into an existing installation to provide solar pre-heating for energy cost reduction, used in the replacement of existing equipment, or used in new installations.
The HS Series provides superior benefits to conventional solar water heaters including ultimate frost and over-temperature protection by way of its unique drain back function.

1000 - 5000 litre nominal capacity storage tanks
Drain back operation, to provide frost and over heat protection
Indirect heating design
Modular design for flexibility to suit almost any application
BMS capability
Highest efficiency Rheem BT collector
Better suited to poor water quality areas
Dual Pumps and Heat Exchangers for redundancy

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About Rheem

Rheem is the name trusted by the experts to provide reliable, efficient water heating in every domestic and commercial application. Trust based on over 60 years of experience and expertise. Rheem offers a big range of high quality gas, electric, or solar fuelled water heaters and has a well deserved reputation for the most extensive and professional after sales network.