Speedpanel Drafting Views

Revit project file containing 2D drafting views for standard Speedpanel technical details across the following conditions:

- Base Details
- Corner & Intersection Details
- End Details
- Head Details
- Shaft Details
- Stair Details


  • Lightweight Cement

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Speedpanel manufactures cutting-edge fire and acoustic rated non-load bearing systems. Speedpanel's lightweight composition, ease of installation and its superior structural properties has seen its broad acceptance throughout the building industry. Speedpanel products have undergone continuous development including testing and certification for a wide range of fire and acoustic applications.

Currently, Speedpanel is one of the most certified products in these markets within Australia. Speedpanel continues to drive excellence throughout all aspects of manufacturing and product development with a focus on innovation and environmentally sustainable practices. This drive ensures Speedpanel plays an important role in enriching the built environment throughout Australia and the rest of the world.