Spinnaker Privacy Screen

The Spinnaker' divider screen has been designed to complement the design lines of the urinal providing comfort and privacy for users. While a row of Uridan urinals can be striking, the architectural effect with the divider screen installed between the urinals is stunning. The added advantage of the divider screens is that use is spread across a complete row of urinals simplifying the maintenance procedure.



  • SCR-1 Glass reinforced plastic




  • SCR-1: Available in all colours


  • GRP

About SUMS Group – Uridan

Founded in 2003 SUMS Group began with a desire to innovate for water savings and improved resource management. Today we enable businesses to achieve sustainability gains, business efficiencies and engagement through simple, powerful solutions.

SUMS Group focuses on:

  • The delivery of the Uridan waterless urinals providing sustainability, savings and outstanding design in commercial and residential amenities.  Uridan Waterless Urinals are central to many organisations’ sustainability efforts, saving thousands of litres of water every day.
  • SUMS (SmartMeter Utility Management Solution) is designed to help organisations to manage utility infrastructure simply. SUMS enables organisations to use water, electricity and gas data to capture building insights and meet sustainability targets with ease.

The Uridan Collection

Whether you are designing a residential bathroom or a large commercial project, uridan has the solution. The collection offers a range of standardized products with tailor-made solutions available to meet unique project requirements. uridan products can be manufactured in any colour to match your bathroom design.

Uridan waterless urinals are instrumental in saving millions of litres of water and many organisations have come to rely on this product to make immediate and measurable water savings in their business. Where a conventional urinal will flush away an average of 60,000 litres of clean drinking water in a year, Uridan waterless urinals requires no water for flushing, providing an architecturally smart solution with stunning Danish design.

To view the uridan collection see https://www.uridanaustralia.com.au/the-collection/