Uni-Shape Fences and Balustrades

Before visitors even reach your front entrance, Uni-Shape Mouldings can add beauty and value to your property. Our Fence and Balustrade products enhance your valuable asset from afar. Our Fence Piers are certainly decorative and can also be functional, such as supporting entrance gates. Many customers prefer these pillars, to those of brick, as they can be finished to match the rendered finish of their home or office. If a brick fence is preferred then the use of Uni-Shape Pier Caps will help to blend the fence appearance with that of the front wall. Fence Capping not only further assists in achieving this end but also it is designed to shed rain water. Thus it serves a functional purpose also, by reducing the water staining of the fence. Our Balustrade range includes both stock and, of course, special products. The Balustrade, supported by the Balusters, is also dual-functional. It serves to beautify as well as to protect visitors using your stairs or balcony. Your ideas and our design and manufacturing teams can provide the fence or balustrade feature to complete your home or office dream. Let us work on the Special to suit or, if you like, you can select the Balustrade from our stock.


  • Cementitious

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About Unitex

Unitex are Australia’s most state of the art manufacturer of specialty exterior wall materials. Their product range includes speciality renders, applied texture finishes and mouldings and columns, masonry paints and external wall polystyrene cladding.

The Unitex brand is built on a platform of ‘innovation’ and ‘service’ and they are the market leaders in external insulation finishing systems.

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