Uni-Shape Parapet, Eave, Stringer, Gable and Dental Profiles

This range of Uni-Shape Mouldings is designed for application to flat surfaces, in order to provide an aesthetically pleasing relief to the continuous plane of a flat wall. Stringer Mouldings have narrower profiles than Parapet Mouldings. The degree of detail available in both Stringer and Parapet Mouldings


  • Cementitious

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About Unitex

Unitex are Australia’s most state of the art manufacturer of specialty exterior wall materials. Their product range includes speciality renders, applied texture finishes and mouldings and columns, masonry paints and external wall polystyrene cladding.

The Unitex brand is built on a platform of ‘innovation’ and ‘service’ and they are the market leaders in external insulation finishing systems.

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