Uni-Shape Quoin Mouldings

This range of Unitex Uni-Shape Profiles is made to fit building corners. In so doing, they not only protect the corners from the typical every day wear-and-tear but also add visual impact to wall junctions. As well as these right-angle forms, we can also supply single panel quoins. These are often fixed to the sides of entrances/doorways to emphasise an entry point. These are bespoke (made to order) and are not kept in stock. Furthermore, in addition to the stock shapes shown below, bespoke (made to your design) are also available from Unitex.


  • Cementitious

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About Unitex

Unitex are Australia’s most state of the art manufacturer of specialty exterior wall materials. Their product range includes speciality renders, applied texture finishes and mouldings and columns, masonry paints and external wall polystyrene cladding.

The Unitex brand is built on a platform of ‘innovation’ and ‘service’ and they are the market leaders in external insulation finishing systems.

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