Uni-Shape Window Architrave 2052 with Reveal

As the name implies these products from the Uni-Shap range of mouldings are designed for fixing around window openings. However, this does not mean that they are limited to such applications. For example some customers like to match all the mouldings on the one wall and, therefore, order extra lengths for parapet applications, to match the window frame mouldings. The sill mouldings have a slope away from the wall to allow for water run-off. This ensures that rain water does not pool under the window. It also means that the run-off is carried away from the wall surface, thereby reducing the possibility of water staining of the textured surface. The profiles shown below are our stock range window and sill profiles. We also supply custom-designed shapes to match our customers


  • Cementitious

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About Unitex

Unitex are Australia’s most state of the art manufacturer of specialty exterior wall materials. Their product range includes speciality renders, applied texture finishes and mouldings and columns, masonry paints and external wall polystyrene cladding.

The Unitex brand is built on a platform of ‘innovation’ and ‘service’ and they are the market leaders in external insulation finishing systems.

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