Vogue Ring Plate Series VRP

Vogue Series of ring plate axial fans


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About Fantech

Engineering Expertise

Fantech has been at the forefront of fan and acoustics technology by developing and implementing new and innovative products for virtually every air movement and ventilation need, as well as noise attenuation.

Continuous Improvement

With ISO9002 accreditation for 10 years and more recently IS09001:2000 accreditation, Fantech maintains high standards of manufacturing and a continuous improvement culture.

Extensive Manufacturing & Warehousing

With modern manufacturing plants in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and warehouses throughout Australia and New Zealand, we provide unmatched delivery performance and customer service.

Excellent Support Services

Our extensive resources and design expertise enable us to provide excellent technical support for commercial and industrial ventilation requirements as well as domestic applications.


Fantech offers a most comprehensive network of representatives, including offices in all capital cities and regions of Australia and New Zealand, as well as throughout South East Asia.