ENGworks Global

Introduction to our partnership: The ENGworks global services partnership with A2K Technologies marks an evolution in the content and service delivery strategy for A2K as it seeks to leverage the RIB Global Alliance Network to bring a more comprehensive and scalable services offering to multinational BPMs and Owners.

Experience:  For three decades, ENGworks has been a technology leader continuously developing new processes and services to drive productivity for the AEC/O Community in their BIM and VDC workflows. Through its extensive expertise delivering technology and real-time building automation solutions in Data Centers, Health Care, Hospitality and Government, ENGworks has become a leading technology integrator and service provider for the AEC/O and BPM community.

What we can add globally: ENGworks, in this strategic partnership with A2K is building the Global Content Network (GCN) focused on establishing much needed standards, quality guidelines and a scalable way to create content globally. AEC firms and BPM’s will  get the local service they need through a network of providers with knowledge of their specific construction market, working within a common framework of quality and consistency.

Syndication and Market Reach. Our value to a building product manufacturer is the ability to embed design files & technical data into the product selection process within multiple AECO audiences and Design applications throughout the construction lifecycle which include application partners such as UNIFI and AVAIL who provide a comprehensive platform to over 40,000 enterprise AEC/O clients to control, manage and analyze BIM content across the entire building lifecycle.