Why use Design Content™?

Whether you’re just starting out with BIM Software or have been using it for years, creating high quality and user-friendly content is a specialist skill that can be very time consuming.

Spending time creating content takes you away from doing your core tasks.  With Design Content™ you have access to a huge library of standardised, consistent and quality content created by industry experts.

  • Achieve higher Level of Detail (LOD) requirements, often specified in BIM Execution Plans (BEPs), by using content created to the manufacturers’ exact specifications.
  • Embedded information in the content enables easier scheduling and specification.
  • Better understand the options and functions of manufacturers' products, with their various options built in.
  • Appearance Assets are applied to materials for quick visualisation/rendering.
  • Pre-setup catalogues provide quick selection and optimised file sizes.
  • Smart content/better performance - smaller file sizes and more functionality means less families/content needs to be loaded.
  • Content is maintained and updated when manufacturers change products, or new features become available in the BIM software.